Indoor floor heating

The floor heating systems could be used as main heating source as well as secondary (only for comfort). When it is used as a main heating source, DEVI is the only installed heating in the room. When used as a secondary (only for comfort), DEVI is combined with other sources, radiators for instance. The main heating source is designed to secure heating covering all thermal losses. The system that is used only for comfort, is designed to secure warm floor, no matter what the ambient temperature is. 

Advantages of DEVI systems

  • Cosy and comfort home
  • Comfort warm floor and gentle ambient heating
  • Smooth temperature diffusion
  • No air drafts
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Could be installed under many different floor systems
  • The heating system is invisible 


    • 150 W/m2 are installed when used for comfort floor
    • 180 - 200 W/m2 are installed when used as a main source
    • 100 W/m2 are installed when installed under wooden floor
  • As a main heating source in newly developed buildings
  • As a main heating source in renovated buildings or thin floor systems
  • Cold areas
  • Wooden floor
  • Wooden floor with beams