DEVIcomfort 150T

The heating cable is attached to a mat with fixed power output 150 W/m2. It is extremely thin, 4 mm, and will not raise the level of the existing flooring. There is only one feeding end and it makes the installation much easier.  




DEVIcomfort™ is a high quality product, 150 W/m2 heating mat shielded and protected. It is thin, the cable is round attached to the net and it makes the installation very easy. The product is suitable for reconstructions.

The feeding ends of the cable are solid and discernable to prevent improper installation of the heating cable. All these parts and materials have been verified and tested in the factory.   


  • Easy to install
  • Self-adhesive net
  • Extremely thin- 4 mm
  • Single connection cable
  • Durable
  • Maximum protection
  • 20 years warranty 
  • In compliance with EC60335-2-96